How to Order the Best Checks for Less

Today, I'd like to spend some time talking about business checks. For most people, checks are just a method of issuing a payment. But have you ever thought of them as marketing vehicles? If not, just ask yourself what will have more impact: a personal, hand-written check, or a fancy business check with a company's logo and slogan, along with intricate artwork? The answer is obvious.

But the big impediment for many people is that they don't have the money to order fancy checks from companies like Deluxe. In this article, I will help you solve this issue by providing some simple tips for getting nice checks cheaply.

1. Order a large number of checks.
deluxe checksWhen you go to Deluxe's online store and browser for a bit, you'll quickly notice that prices go down significantly when you order a large number of checks. For example, some checks could be up to $2 each if you order a small number. By contrast, if you order thousands of the same check, the price will fall to under 50 cents each. I recommend purchasing a year's worth of checks at once to get the most favorable price. Checks don't take up too much space, and they will last for many year, so there is no reason not to buy in bulk.

2. Use online coupons.
Many online check stores such as Deluxe offer coupon codes you can use to get a discount on your order. Make sure you use these online coupons, as they can often save you as much as 40% on your order. To view the latest Deluxe promo codes, head over to

3. Use eChecks instead of regular checks.
While a beautiful physical check can be impressive, eChecks can similarly make an impact on your customers for an entirely different reason. By using eChecks from companies like Deluxe, your company will prove that it uses cutting-edge technology. I'm always impressed by companies that make the most of modern technology, and I suspect your customers will be no different.

Moreover, eChecks are very simple to use. Customers will receive an email, which they simply need to print out and cash in at their bank.

I hope these suggestions help you approach checking in a different way, and think of it as a marketing tool instead of just a payment method.

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