Testing Out Eharmony

I like to test out various web services, and today I'll be talking about how I tested Eharmony a while back. As we all know, Eharmony is one of the largest and most successful online dating sites in the world. It's been claimed in recent Eharmony commercials that the site has helped over 1 million people get married. They often quote similar statistics, so I generally think of Eharmony as the dating site for marriage-minded people.

Joining the site and opening an account is free (Click here for an Eharmony free trial), but that doesn't mean it's a fast and easy process. Rather, when you first create an account, you are immediately presented with a personality test. In fact, you cannot access any areas of the site until you finish this test. It's a long test that may take some time, but you can always leave and come back later to complete the test. For me, it took about 45 minutes to complete. It's mostly answering a bunch of questions in multiple choice format, and I wouldn't exactly call the process fun, but it isn't unpleasant either.

If you make it through the test, you are then presented with a personality profile, which definitely makes for interesting reading. For the most part, the personality profile did a very good job of summing up my personality, which was a plus.

After that, you are ready to begin working on your profile. The dating profile is more or less like other dating profiles, where you add photos and a description, along with answers to a number of questions.

Finally, you'll be able to receive matches. Unlike other dating sites, Eharmony does not allow you to search and browse other member's profiles UNLESS you a matched with them first. So how many matches can you expect? I got four at first, with a few others being added each week. It's kind of nice because at that pace, I can give each of my matches the attention they deserve, and vice versa.

As for how compatible the matches are with me, that is something I cannot speak to since I have not met any of them face-to-face as of yet. If that changes, I will definitely update this page with information on how that went.

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